Food and Conversation: Workshop in Archival Practice meeting TOMORROW, 6-8 PM, 19 University Place

Please join us for an informal meeting of the Workshop in Archival Practice:
TOMORROW, September 13, 6-8 pm
19 University Place, The Great Room (ground floor)
Refreshments will be served!

Continuing the work begun with the Spring 2010 Humanities Initiative panel series “Discussing the Archive” and the Spring 2011 workshop series “From Process to Product: Working the Archive,” the Workshop in Archival Practice provides an intimate forum for exchange between academic analysis and archival practice. The Workshop’s theme in 2011-2012 will be “Archive Lab: Ideas, Inventions and Institutions.” Please join us tomorrow to meet, discuss and brainstorm over food and drink! We’ll be talking about future events, web development and questions we can explore together about archival practice.

We’ll also be gearing up for our first workshop of the year:
“Archive Lab: Digital Humanities and Literary Archives,” led by Professors Deena Engel and Lisa Gitelman
October 14, 3-5 pm
19 University Place, Room 222
Finally, we invite you to save these dates for our upcoming workshops and circulate this notice to any interested colleagues or students:

November 11, 3-5 pm
19 University Place
Room 222

December 13, 6-8 pm
19 University Place
The Great Room (ground floor)


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