This Friday, October 14: Archive Lab with Deena Engel and Lisa Gitelman

Following up on our Spring 2011 series, “From Process to Product: Working the Archive,” the NYU Workshop in Archival Practice is pleased to kick off Fall 2011 with a new theme, “Archive Lab: Ideas, Inventions and Institutions.”

We invite you to join us for our first Workshop of Fall 2011:

“Archive Lab: Digital Humanities and Literary Archives”
Deena Engel, Clinical Associate Professor of Computer Science, NYU
Lisa Gitelman, Associate Professor of English and Media Culture and Communication, NYU
October 14, 3:00-5:00 PM
19 University Place, Room 222

Professor Deena Engel is currently teaching “Literary Archives and Web Development,” a graduate course in the English Department at NYU. She will lead the workshop in conversation with Professor Lisa Gitelman. We will consider how technologies not only allow us as scholars to access a wider array of archives, but also how we might intervene by uncovering, creating or curating archives of our own.  As we seek to imagine an “archive lab,” we must also explore the cultural freight carried by theories and histories of media. We are excited to host this in-depth discussion with Professors Engel and Gitelman. We hope it will become part of a growing dialogue around digital archives and how best to build and sustain collaboration between scholars in the humanities and those in the computer sciences.

Please join us! All are welcome and refreshments will be served.


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