Events this Week: Jennifer Horne tomorrow and the Sylvestor Manor Working Group on Wednesday

Two events of interest are happening around NYU this week – check them out!
Welcome to the Nanny State: Spectacles of Child-Saving and the Films of the U.S. Children’s Bureau, a talk by Jennifer Horne

Tuesday October 25, 4 pm, Payne Room, Pless Hall 4th Floor, NYU

During the first thirty years of the twentieth century, the newly-born American underwent a most dramatic transformation in the popular imagination. From near public indiscernibility, the child became a central figure on the national stage and a catalyst for reform: a figure, specifically, of vulnerability, deserving of social welfare and specialized care. Custodianship of this figure took three new professional-official forms: Progressive education campaigns against early childhood death and disease; the development of a new branch of medicine, pediatrics; and the creation, by the federal government, of the Children’s Bureau, which would oversee the welfare of children through data collection. This presentation addresses the films of the U.S. Children’s Bureau, focusing on a quartet of neo-natal education films produced between 1919 and 1926, all made for the agency by educational film pioneer Carlyle Ellis. The results of the bureau’s industrious data collection and analysis were broadcast through a battery of print, graphic, audio and audio-visual formats. Motion pictures were added to the panoply of commonly used administrative tools not because of their accuracy or any claim to documentary authenticity, but because it was understood that, in their dramatic and affective technique, films could help deliver an image of civic liveness and community livelihood.

Jennifer Horne is Assistant Professor in the Department of Film & Digital Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and former Assistant Professor of Media Studies at Catholic University. She has a PhD from the Program in Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society at the University of Minnesota.  Her forthcoming book is entitled People-Making Motion Pictures: Spectatorship, American Citizenship, and the Better Films Movement.

The Sylvester Manor Working Group

Unearthed Articles and Discovered Dissertations
Wednesday, October 26th
The Berol Room at Fales Library
(3rd fl Bobst)
12:30 to 1:30 pm

So NYU is currently examining the archives and excavating the grounds of Sylvester Manor on Shelter Island. . . What does that mean TO ME?? What is the Sylvester Manor Project? What use could the collection be to me?

Come hear graduate student LIZA HARRELL-EDGE and recent NYU history Ph.D. NOAH GELFAND talk about working with the collection and the numerous opportunities that await scholars from a variety of fields including:

-Literary Studies
-Food Studies
-Plantation History and the History of Slavery
-Indian Law


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