New Beginnings — Fall 2013

Welcome to a new school year of archival practice!  Schedules forthcoming!  Follow us on twitter (@NYUArchivalPrac) for updates.  Or get in touch with us by email: NYUArchivalPractices [at]

This semester, we’ll look at the archive’s place in a larger academic collections universe.  How is it enmeshed with — and separate from — rare books libraries, artifacts, and other kinds of collections?  We’ll also look at how archives and other collections are expressed in various forms of work: long-form academic argument, blog posts and tweets, museum exhibitions, etc.

In addition to formal differences, we’ll hear from researchers working out of an archive who produce very different kinds of written research.  The goal of the workshop is not to oppose any of the individual elements mentioned here but instead to explore how archives, book history and collections, and media theory inform a wide variety of ongoing work.

Alongside these larger considerations, we’ll also discuss practical aspects of archival research: getting in the door, finding things, (re)shaping arguments around or through what’s been found, and considering what’s been found to be missing.  How do you figure out what you’re looking for in an archive or special collection?  Where do you go when your first lead is a dead end?  How do media history and literary analysis cohere or separate when working with the archive?

Looking forward to a semester of curious inquiry and expansive thinking!


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